Feedback OAO Kulebakskiy ZMK»

For the first time about the company LLC «ALLOY» I learned in Nizhny Novgorod in 2003 us at that time, is considering the acquisition of new types of welding equipment for automatic and semi-automatic welding. After visiting the company in 2004 and hold talks with the leadership of the firm, we were supplied to the welding p/machines for industrial testing. They were welding p/machines MC-500 from the first days proved itself as a reliable, easy to use welding equipment. In 2004, we have also purchased welding p/machines ESAB, as it turned out later the Polish Assembly. Data p/machines started to go wrong after 8-10 months of operation and after 1.5 years of operation were withdrawn from production . After the analysis of all the problems associated with the exploitation of welding n/machine«ESAB» AristoMig-500 maintenance, repair it was decided to purchase 20 pieces of welding n/machine companies LLC «ALLOY» . This equipment until now , and it's already June 2010 operated by our company. For all period of work we have not faced never serious faults, and all the little problems, and the supply of consumables in post-guarantee period, we help solve the specialists of the company LLC «ALLOY». At the firm always left are the basic units and mechanisms that are often lacking in firms dealing in foreign equipment. Interestingly, our technical project, the specialists of the company LLC «ALLOY» was the same machine is designed for submerged-arc welding of steel I-beams. Our company currently also operates three data of the machine.

Conclusion :

Time has shown that the welding equipment supplied by OOO «ALLOY» is reliable, simple in operation and does not require investment of additional funds in the period of its operation. The firm's specialists are always ready to help in solving various problems and issues in the field of welding production!!!!!!!

Chief welder of OAO KZMK