Power supply MC-315 is made in a single-hulled design and represents itself the inverter power source which is designed for:
- manual arc welding with electrodes (MMA) coated by constant current to direct or reverse polarity.
- welding in all spatial positions.

Welding machine is designed for operation in closed premises with the following conditions:
- ambient temperature from -10C to +40 C;
- relative air humidity no more than 80% at 20 C;
- environment unit, non-explosive, not containing conductive dust, aggressive gases and vapors, that destroy metals and isolation.

Supply voltage, V 3~380 ±10%
Power consumption, kVa 14
Open circuit voltage, V 82
The range of adjustment of welding current, A 20-315
Forcing of the arc, A 1-150
Hot start, A 15-315
The hot start time, sec 0,01-1
Welding current, A when RO 60% 315
Welding current, A when RO 100% 245
Overall dimensions, mm 550х305х515
Weight, kg 25