MC-350 M1


Throughout all the development process of the machines of series MIG/MAG our designers, constructors and engineers thought primarily about reliability, durability and maintainability of the construction. It was necessary to make everything work safely in our far from ideal conditions of work 365 days a year. The result of this work became a professional welding machine MC-350 M with a maximum current of up to 350 A. The ideal combination of reliability at a competitive cost is the main achievement which we have implemented in MIG/MAG series. The body is made entirely of metal that also guarantee endurance in extreme conditions. Now you don't need to think about reliability, the machine will perform its core functions even in the most severe conditions. And the presence of a multiprocessor system makes the power unit not just reliable but also stable in all modes of welding process.

Voltage of power supply, V ~3х380 ±10%
Power consumption, kVA 14,5
Open circuit voltage, V 75
Welding current, A when RO 60% 350
Welding current, A when RO 100% 275
The range of adjustment of welding voltage, V 12-40
The range of welding current adjustment, A 60-350
The wire feed speed, mm/s 2-18*
Diameter of welding wire, mm 0,8/1,0/1,2
Overall dimensions of lifting, mm 460х200х330
Mass of feeding mechanism, kg 10
Overall dimensions, mm 600х310х580
Mass of machine, kg 45

* Скорость подачи проволоки изменяется за счет регулирования сварочного тока.